Dear clients !

Welcome to Marcello 🤗

Here are some guidelines to make your booking go as smoothly as possible:
 1-  Make sure to enter YOUR MOBILE NUMBER. 
It is necessary for us because an SMS will be sent to you following your request
to inform you about the your reservation’s statut
« pending », «  confirmed »  or «  rejected »

Terrace only 
if we are full on the terrace,
we will reject the request without proposing the interior
Terrace but ok also inside
we do everything to place you on the terrace but if we are full,
we will place you inside.

Please note that all reservation requests are processed manually,
(this may take some time)
but we answer to all your requests 👍🏻!)

Your reservation will be validated by SMS.
You can cancel it at any time using the link attached in the message.

Be careful !

In order to offer the best welcome to all our guests,
a request for RE-CONFIRMATION ✅ will be requested 24h to 12h before your reservation
you just have to click to confirm or cancel.
Don’t be afraid to cancel, you will surely make people happy 🙂

Thank you for your attention
and see you soon at Marcello! 🙂